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Why The Hawk - Insurance Company - Located in Peoria IL

  • Locates mistakes in Experience Modification Factors and follows through to make sure they are corrected.
  • Verifies audit to identify and correct mistakes and errors in preparation for the insurance company auditor.
  • Obtains refunds for "money left on the table."
  • Demonstrates how the employer, not the insurance company, ultimately pays for injury costs.
  • Demonstrates to employers how bidding and quoting their workers’ compensation insurance program is their least effective strategy to drive down their costs.
  • Helps employers establish a process for reducing costs and eliminating future errors.
  • Helps employers in the hiring process, where workers’ compensation problems start.
  • Focuses on obtaining the right treatment from the right doctor at the right time to provide the most effective care to injured employees.
  • Trains supervisors on the importance of and how to manage workers’ compensation.
  • Helps employers minimize the risk of losing a valued employee when they enter the workers’ comp system due to injury.
  • Creates a process to get injured workers back on the job quickly and fairly.
  • Assists in implementing workers’ compensation processes that reduce lost workdays due to injury by 60% to 80%.
  • Assists employers in reducing litigation arising from injured employees with workers’ compensation claims.
  • Serves as a continuing advisor to employers.

The Institute also keeps Advisors up-to-date on rule changes and new tools through continual educational programs and web-based forums.


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