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Workers' compensation is one of the most volatile coverages in the insurance marketplace today. Reasons for this include:

  • Coverage that is easily accessible one year can be difficult to find the next
  • Premiums fluctuate from year to year
  • The cost of treating workers continues to increase
  • The average cost per lost-time claim has more than doubled with each decade
  • The vast majority of claimants are retaining an attorney

How can you be confident that you have the right workers’ comp coverage at the right price? As a business owner, The Hawk will work with you to evaluate and reduce the cost of workers' comp. Possible steps include:

  • Reducing your experience modification
  • Obtaining manual premium discounts
  • Preventing accidents and reduce lost time
  • Avoiding attorney involvement in claim settlements
  • Knowing OSHA requirements
  • Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act

There are six Certified WorkComp Advisors in the State of Illinois and five of them are employed at The Hawk. We can help you with all of your workers’ compensation insurance questions.




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