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Commercial Insurance Solutions - Located in Peoria IL

The Hawk’s expert benefit team has experience in all plan models including, but not limited to, HSA and HRA plans, Cafeteria Plans (including Flexible Spending Accounts), Self-funded Plans, PPO, HMO and POS plans.


Below are some of the cost containment and profit improvement tools that the Hawk uses to maximize our clients’ Employee Benefit Plans:

  • Monitoring healthcare data for cost or utilization patterns
  • Increase/enhance employee communications
  • Encourage consumerism through plan design
  • Increase cost sharing to the employees (co-pays, deductibles)
  • Evaluate employee premium contribution
  • Restrict/reclassify employee eligibility
  • Add/increase use of Disease Management
  • Add/increase Health Management program
  • Alternative Funding
  • Cost effective plan maintenance
  • Wellness and Disease Management programs
  • Rx Management programs
  • Custom training programs




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